Fervor 500

by Vendetta V

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Fervor 500 is dedicated to Arpi G. and 500

Here are notes originally scribbled down by Vendetta V for each track:

This track to me is really telling about all the feelings that human-beings are capable of experiencing, creating, transferring and also unfortunately killing. This was the base for the album concept and is in general about the feelings that we all have. Those are usually exposed to others but also often hidden from others to cover your weakness or strength Indeed human being is a very complex creation and very unpredictable at times, I'm not talking of everyday humans but the real minds that choose to differ for they don't believe they are just another simple man.

This is the 2nd part of the Fervor which carries a much harder idea to explain. I don't think I will go ahead and try to put it in any words but rather will expect you to listen to it and bring your own emotions to it, there're so many topics/moods you could tie to this track.

This track carries a name of a very terrible disorder. I won't go deep into what it means but rather what it means to carry that or any other kind of disorder. OCDs, STDs and all other kinds of disorders or diseases... all these are something that mankind should not experience. A man finding out he has an std or a woman figuring she has breast cancer. All these 'conditions' are something truly awful so I want you to take your time to respect the victims and wish good upon the ones who still have hopes. May this never happen to anyone.

Caput Domus
Head of the family. That's something I figured I want to talk. You know how gender discrimination goes but still I want to talk about men and their families. Usually you take the man as the head of the family, the one who keeps his house in peace. I don't mean to say women don't but women do get to put a lot of demands on their men's shoulders without realizing the situation. I believe each man fighting for his family should be respected for what he does for it is something truly tough and yet holy. Think of how they go thru heaven and hell trying to get the money for their kids or may be their beloved girl so that she remains touched and well feels she's loved... Sometimes it's over their heads to do so but they really do everything to meet their girls' needs, expectations. But then often people who loved each otehr very much, who truly loved each other for a long while split up on female's request saying that it wasn't as good as it could be, that this or that. Men do get to swallow everything the girl throws at them but girls are often very stubborn, selfish or put it the way you want. You get the idea I'm trying to explain.

Ok this one is quite hard to explain but I'll try. You know every human being has that one place... one place he calls home. Doesnt necessarily have to be your home or house or the place you live but a place your mind leaves in, a place where you left your soul dreaming and didn't want to take it back from there for it's the happiest there. Everyone has that memory of one place that he wish he was again, that one day, that feelings, that experience, may be it was with their beloved, may be it was some other way, but you still go thinking of that place and saying you wish you could live your whole life right there right at that place... No it's not about the drainage line or sewer or something, it's about the Drainage, the place I'd live my whole life in if I could go back to those adys and be with that one...


released December 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Vendetta V Armenia

Despite living such a secluded life, he has managed to make some close friends, most of them musicians like himself, and in asking them about Vendetta V, one thing has been made clear: that despite his solitude, and sometimes other-worldly behavior, his skill with the guitar, his range of emotional levels during playing, and his machine-like dedication to his art, is nothing short of extraordinary ... more

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