Descending the Labirintynes of the Factory

by Vendetta V

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This album is about the 'Forbidden gates' and what lays behind them. Listen to the album as you descend the deeps of the Factory where noone has ever gone. So far the only person knowing what's behind those gates is The Creep himself: Vendetta V!

Instructions on how to use the album:

please before turning on any of the tracks do the following:
1. look at the watches, for best results it is important to have the time between midnight and dawn.
2. calculate your time so that you don't get distracted, don't have to interrupt the track in the middle etc.. preferably be alone.
3. turn off all of the light sources and relax for a few seconds, hear your breathing.
4. put on headphones or use good quality speakers and turn on the volume (please be advised that high volumes may cause hearing damage or loss)

to achieve the best performance, try to darken your room as much as possible.
For 'maximum' results you may try this outdoors.

attention: the tracks may have side effects such as fear, anxiety, irrationality and/or delusion, nausea. In case of any such situation it is advised to stop the track at once and turn on the lights. Other side effects might apply.
Vendetta V and VMS staff are irresponsible for the possible damage caused by the record. The Factory's personnel brings its apologies for any inconvenience or injury.


released January 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Vendetta V Armenia

Despite living such a secluded life, he has managed to make some close friends, most of them musicians like himself, and in asking them about Vendetta V, one thing has been made clear: that despite his solitude, and sometimes other-worldly behavior, his skill with the guitar, his range of emotional levels during playing, and his machine-like dedication to his art, is nothing short of extraordinary ... more

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